Nicole Marquez knows a little something about falling down. In 2008, she fell six stories from the roof of her apartment building in New York City. She broke bones throughout her body, including an internal decapitation




And bit by bit, against all odds, Nicole went from being in a coma, to a prognosis of life in a wheelchair, to walking and dancing and gaining ground every day. Because this girl refused to quit, she has become a role model for anyone facing a seemingly insurmountable trial.



Hey, someone has to be the fall guy (or girl). Nicole took the fall, got back up, and her insights and indomitable spirit are just the inspiration you’ve been seeking. Learn more about her story , and then connect with Nicole and find out how you can bring her spirit, spunk, and special flavor of motivation to your community, congregation, or organization.


      Is how we learn







"Nicole Marquez has written a book about me, you, and all of us. While few of us will ever have to face the kind of life-altering challenge that she has, we all know what it's like to feel loss, despair, and hopelessness. Nicole reminds me that there's nothing more powerful than the human spirit that's in all of us. What a gift she's given us with this wonderful book"-Joe Calloway, Author

"Falling Isn't Failure," Nicole's story of triumph and over coming the odds. Own your ebook today!

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